An Act to amend and restate the law creating Decoration Day

Legislative body of origin: 
House of Representatives
Awaiting presidential approval
Introduced by: 
House of Representatives
Date introduced: 
April 9, 2015

The Act when enacted renames 'Decoration Day' to 'National Memorial Day' which will also be marked on the 2nd Friday of March each year. National Memorial Day will give Liberians the opportunity to honor all the dead, including foreign development partners who lost their lives in the course of rendering services to this nation and could not be properly buried as a result of the civil crisis.

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House of Representatives

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Committee(s) referred to: 
Internal Affairs
Peace, Religious and National Reconciliation
Rules, Order and Administration
Date reporting of referred committees : 
April 28, 2015
Date(s) plenary discussion: 
April 9, 2015