Isaac B. Roland

Legislative Information
Member of: 
House of Representatives
Maryland #3
Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC)
Currently Serving?: 
Member Since: 
January 16, 2012
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Absent: absent without reported reason to plenary
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Excuse: reported excuse to plenary
Sick: absent due to illness

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  • Complete adherence to the functions and duties of a lawmaker (Representation, Lawmaking and Oversight) 
  • Submission of bills to improve the people and district based on Petition
  • Rehabilitation of Health Centers, Market Structures, School Building etc.
  • Provision of Scholarship and Financial Aids to desiring students in the district
  • Improve and Build Feeder Roads connecting towns and villages in the district
  • Promote Peace Reconciliation through family dialogue, town hall meeting, district conference and sports activities
  • Create and promote empowerment scheme for women through micro-finance program