Modernization Plan 2009-2013: Making the Liberian Legislature 21st Century Compliant

The 53rd Legislature of Liberia was elected in October 2011. The members of the legislature have constitutional duties to make laws, oversee the executive and represent the people. To fulfill these duties, it is essential that they have the necessary professional capacity, as well as access to high quality support services. Recognizing this need, in 2009, and with the support of UNDP, UNMIL and the Africa Capacity Building Foundation, the 52nd Legislature endorsed a Legislature Modernisation Plan (LMP) to guide the development of the legislature from 2009-2013.
The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) implemented in its Legislative Strengthening Program (funded by USAID) between 2009 and 2013 a number of projects from the LMP, especially targeting building/supporting institutions in the Legislature like the Budget Office, the Information Service, the Committee Support Service, the Legislative Drafting Service and the Press Bureaus, training staff of these institutions and staff of individual lawmakers, and working together with lawmakers in organizing Policy Seminars and Study Investigations Missions.
NDI's Legislative Strengthening Program was evaluated by a team from the Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Program (L-MEP) and the Mitchell Group, Inc. (TMG).