Senator Kaipay Propositions in Constitution Review Process

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Front Page Africa
Date published: 
October 15, 2015

Senator Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Bassa County wants 10 of the 25 propositions submitted by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) in the final report after the National Constitution Conference (NCC) put forward by the Liberian Senate for a national referendum expected in 2016. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on August 13 submitted to the Liberian Senate the NCC report but indicated her agreement and disagreement with aspects of the report.
And on August 26, the Grand Bass County Senator (Liberty Party) wrote the Liberian Senate requesting the body to request President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to make an official withdrawal of her points of agreement and disagreement while stating in his letter that the President had violated Article 1, 35, and 91 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia. He also accused President Sirleaf of interfering with the Legislative Branch of government.

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